Navy Blue is a sports management agency with a simple aim, to change the way clients are managed so that they share in more of the success. The client must be at the heart of the decision making process. That way the client maximises their "on field" potential plus they maximise their brand and revenue.

Navy Blue was founded on the back of Niall Woods’ first hand experience of being a professional rugby player and from his experience heading up IRUPA (Irish Rugby Union Players Association) for 8 years after starting with the RPA (Rugby Players Association) in England.

No other agency is headed by someone that has played professional sport, then represented players collectively in a Players Union and also managed players as Niall Woods has. This makes Navy Blue unique.  

Navy Blue also work actively with a select number of blue chip brands to successfully negotiate and creatively activate their sponsorship initiatives in addition to hosting small bespoke events for a select number of clients. 

Navy Blue business model combines in-house expertise in our core areas and calls upon best in class specialists in trusted companies that offer specific services to our clients. 

Listen to Niall discuss the business of sports agents on Newstalk by clicking here.