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Andrew Conway & Munster Rugby

Andrew made two crucial moves in 2013. His first was to Navy Blue Sports and his second was his move to Munster Rugby for the 2013/14 season. Andrew was ready for change both on & off the pitch. He moved agent to Navy Blue Sports to avail of their unrivaled rugby experience and ability to best advise him on his career.

After four seasons with Leinster and still only 21, Andrew knew himself he needed a change of environment to help move his career on a level. Navy Blue Sports got him offers from France and Munster as well as Leinster wanting to keep him and after a lot of consideration, we agreed that a move to Munster was the right choice for Andrew at that stage of his career.

Andrew has never looked back, integrated seamlessly into Munster Rugby and has subsequently extended his time with Munster several times and recently signed on until the end of June 2020.  In addition in early 2018 Navy Blue Sports successfully partnered Andrew with global sports brand Adidas.   

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